Where To Buy Cheap Leg Warmers?

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"What store can i find cute AND cheap leg warmers? i'm trying to stay away from hollister/abercrombie since theirs are almost 30 dollars... thanks =]"

This is from somewhere people asking to know where to buy cheap leg warmers

I have some recommend to you who are looking for where to buy cheap leg warmers.

The nice thing about leg warmers is that they are basically one size fits all... they are very stretchy.

There are some out there that are tight, but the ones from the 80's looked like those knitted sweaters (the bulky ones) and they fit anyone.

If you have a Rue 21 near you, that would be a great place to start. Also, look at Claire's boutique and Icing, or any dance/ballet studio will have them

If you can only order them online then go to Google and type in:

cheap leg warmers

You'll get lots of hits.... you can try it with "discount" instead of cheap, or just plain "leg warmers", too.

For you who want to know about leg warmers review here are some

..."Too tight for my knees, so the best I can guess is they are ankle or foot warmers. The label actually says for sock size 9-11, which is actually a large size for my size 7.5 feet. Using these "leg" warmers on my knees lasted about 5 minutes as they were tight, had little stretch, were itchy, and dug into the back of my knew when bent. Please purchase for foot or ankle warmers only, unless you have especially skinny legs and knees."

..."They work fine for their intended use, if your legs don't itch when confined like that. Mine did. I wanted to use them to stop leg cramps in bed, but one night and I had to rush to tear them off and my legs itched the rest of the day.Of course, that happens with a lot of sox I wear too, but this of course was the whole calf."

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Where To Buy Cheap Leg Warmers?

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This article was published on 2010/10/05