Skinny Calves - My Dream

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Do you feel tired of your bulky leg calves after a lot of your efforts to get skinny calves? Then your friends asked you to do more stretches but doing this you have to suffer from a lot of pains without little progress. Do you think that you look obese with your muscley calves? Please keep reading to feel better about yourself.


1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a muscular leg calves calf. Many people would kill for that. With just the right clothing you will never feel that you have anything to hide again. Instead, you will find yourself showing off your big leg calves wherever you go. You should be very grateful you don't have skinny calves.


2. A big gastrocnemius muscle with a small ankle gives your leg the perfect shape. Your legs don't look fat, they look sexy.


3. What you should do is to keep working out your legs to keep them muscular and in shape. If you still want skinny calves, you should keep eating healthy and do swimming and jogging or yoga. This will help you decrease the size of your gastrocnemius without building fat in your body. Never starve yourself or go on strict diets as this will put your body under stress and get you to store fat and your gastrocnemius will lose its shape.


4. You should that your genetics is the main reason why you have those calves. Observe your parents and other members of your family. You will notice that your family has got big calves and this why you do too.


Be proud of who you are. People would pay thousands of dollars to get calf implants to look more like you. So you should eat healthy and keep training to keep your leg calves muscular and healthy. Wear the right dresses and show off your calves, it is something to be proud of.


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Skinny Calves - My Dream

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This article was published on 2010/07/30