Killer Leg Circuits For Women!

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I am a big fan of developing a lean muscular set of legs. Your legs are your foundation and without them you cannot achieve a superior level of total-body fitness! This is why I have included a killer leg circuit for you ladies to include into your personal program. Women's fitness is about to reach a whole new level with this workout. Train hard ladies.

To begin this workout all you will need is some flat open space and the will to push yourself through the pain. Start out by standing with your feet about shoulder width distance apart. Immediately begin an alternating set of side lunges going from the right leg to the left leg. Each time you lunge on each side count that as a single repetition. Perform 10 of these at a continuous and fluent pace. As soon as you are finished immediately transition into a set of 10 squat jumps. Perform each jump in continuous succession not stopping or pausing between each jump. This is great for both lean muscular development and total cardiovascular fitness. When you finish the round of squat jumps immediately cycle into doing a set of squat thrusts.

Make sure you crouch down to place your hands on the ground, then kick your feet back until your body is in an upright push-up position, and then kick your feet back up underneath you to stand back up. Perform a set of 10 squat thrusts. As soon as you wrap up the squat thrusts immediately flow into to doing a set of 10 cycled split squat jumps (on each leg). This is where you start in a lunge position. From the lunge position vertically jump and switch your legs in mid air landing with the opposite leg in front of you in a proper lunge position. Once again, the key to this is to maintain a continuous and fluent motion of cycled jumps. When you finish these you can stop to rest.

If you want to develop some seriously fit and strong legs give this mean little circuit a try. Attempt to execute at least 3 good rounds of this circuit to start out. Trust me, 3 rounds of this killer leg circuit and you have yourself a workout! Train hard and enjoy ladies.

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Killer Leg Circuits For Women!

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This article was published on 2010/03/28