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Undeniably, a pair of shapely legs is still the best feature of woman’s body. To prove that point, just take a look at the details of the leg insurance policies of some celebrities. Mariah Carey and Tina Turner, anyone? Women love their legs so much and they are willing to do everything to make them look good especially on how to get toned legs.

How to get shapely legs effectively? The answer is pretty straightforward. In fact, most women know how but they just cannot make the first step because they are either too busy or too lazy to do it. The obvious answer to the question is a good combination of regular leg exercise and a healthy diet. Having a pair of shapely legs like Blake Lively’s require a dedication to follow the basic principles of good dieting and exercise. .

Let’s start the ball rolling with a discussion on the basics of having a healthy diet. Toning your legs and toning any part of your body are just the same things. Thus, you need to watch what you eat and consume only foods that will contribute to getting the desired outcome.

One way of learning how to get toned legs is to decrease the fat percentage of the body. A proven method of losing body fat is to increase the body’s metabolism by eating foods that aid in the process of burning fat. Fiber-rich foods are known to flush out fat and toxins so it is best that you consume foods of this type. Foods that are not healthy should be avoided. Do not eat foods that are rich in sugar and fat. Bank on protein-rich foods, fruits and vegetables in every meal preparation. Maintain good health by drinking lots of water daily.

After carefully choosing the right kind of food, the next step is to adopt a regular leg exercise routine. The following are basic tips and tricks on how to get beautiful legs through exercise.

1. It is best that you mix up your leg routine so that your legs can get into various types of workout and your leg muscles get the needed pressure for toning.

2. Women are scared they might end up having manly legs because of leg exercises. Adding a little weight to your leg routines will not make your legs appear bulky or masculine.

3. Make your reps slow. In your leg routines, it is crucial that you feel your every stretch, every squat, and every lunge. Make the most out of every rep by executing them properly and long enough so that muscles are really toned.

Your dedication to proper exercise and healthy diet is your best weapon to get toned legs. Be diligent and motivated in your quest and your goals are always within reach.

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How To Get Shapely Legs

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This article was published on 2010/12/28